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Falou 2 Update 20th October 2018!!!
New Website

Falou 2 Remastered:


I'm happy to announce that the update will be applied on Saturday the 20th October.
It will focus on fixing the issue that there is not much to do ingame.
There will be new content as well as "upgrading" the old content by adding new drops to it.
Some of the new stuff will be available quite easily but some things will take some time to gather.

This Update will include:

New Stuff:

-A new Instance
-A new Boss
-A new Kingdom Quest
-New Quests
-New Daily Quests
-2 New Sets of Weapons
-A New Set of Armor
-2 New Sets of Jewels
-New Badges
-New Auras
-New Mini Pets

There's going to be new drops added to the following Bosses/Instances:

-Tower of Iyzel
-Crystal Castle
-Leviathans Nest
-Burning Adealia
-Wasteland of Eya

-Puppet Helga
-Shadow of Darkness Malephar
-King Albireo
-Lunatic King Albireo
-Shaman Khazul

-The following Changes will be applied aswell:

-The Item Pickup script from PvP Server will be applied to all Raids.(Since the Services wont allow more than 14 Items per Map some Items will be missing from this.)
-Crosscounter will be added back to the game
-Demoralizing Hit will be added back for Gladiator aswell (Will apply the debuff but wont take aggro,Debuff of the Knight version is better)
-+150 Character stats will be removed
-Increased the respawn time of Puppet Helgaits Templars
-Increased the time to complete Karen
-White Hair Color has been added to Vietree

The following Content will be added to the Item Mall:

-New Mounts
-Hunters War Rant 150% (Will be available ingame aswell)

I might forgot some things and will edit them back later.
There is going to be a +50% Coin Bonus until the update is applied.
This is specifically focused on the people who played while the population was very low as a thanks for their trust in me and this server.

If you want to support the server to gather some population back before this update this is what you can do:

-Send this post to your friends
-Stay ingame so people who will get back to this game and login will most likely stay on this server
-Contact your Friends who are inactive and tell them about the Update
-Invite people to the discord
-Vote on Topofgames
-Vote on Topofmmos

A 7 Day 100% Drop Bonus has been activated !


There's going to be a PvP Server added to Falou!
This PvP Server will be based on Falou 1 Files.
It will feature Instant Cap,Instant Jobchange and all of your Items will be enchanted by default.
There's going to be exclusive Skins from 3 Raids and PvP KQ (Same stats just different look).
Release of the Server is going to be the 20th July 2018 6PM CEST.
Website has been updated and a PvP version of it has been added (You can choose between Falou 2 and Falou PvP at the top right).
Falou PvP will use the same client as Falou 2,all needed files will be patched into the client in a few days.
Check the Trailer below for more informations.

New Website